Ratings and Certifications

Al Majmoua constantly undergoes financial and social performance assessments conducted by external organizations in order to verify our compliance to industry best practices. The assessments are either in the form of reviews or check-lists that evaluate the existence of specific procedures and/or their implementation to finally provide a rating grade or certification.

  • The first MFI in the MENA region to undertake a Social Performance Desk Review and receive the Socially Transparent And Responsible MFI Recognition (S.T.A.R.) from the MIX.

  • Certificates of Transparency and 4 of 5 diamonds for level of disclosure from the MIX since 2003.

  • Social audit using CERISE SPI tool (v3.3) by PlaNet Finance.

  • In 2011, Al Majmoua earned five out of seven Social Performance Badges assigned by Kiva to its field partner, highlighting its commitment to these areas.

  • Received a 5-diamond certificate, the highest level of transparency awarded by the MIX.

  • The third MFI in the MENA region to undertake the complete Social Performance Rating and GIRAFE Rating by Planet Rating; our overall grade was 4- on a [0, 5+] scale.