Meet Our Clients



a multi-purpose store owner in Mount Lebanon

Al Majmoua encouraged me when I mostly needed the support to fulfill my dream of establishing my own business.
With its easy procedures and respectful treatment, I worked my way to success with dignity.


a fisherman in South Lebanon

I wanted to carry out many plans and Al Majmoua helped me accomplish them. It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and I took this step with Al Majmoua .


a fashion designer in Beirut

We, women entrepreneurs, have the right to be ambitious and successful. And so, I hope that they all have the opportunity to deal with an institution with good intentions like Al Majmoua who will stand by them to achieve their goals.


an owner of a chicken farm for organic egg production in North Lebanon

I am very thankful to Al Majmoua and its kind staff who supported me in developing my business and enhance the sustainability of its production.